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E Photo Frames was originally established in 2006 to combine the design and retail of high quality photo frames with a positive environmental strategy and fair trade ethos.

Buying in cyberspace

One of the first challenges for an e-business is to recognize that people like to touch and feel a product before buying it (especially if it is going to take prominence on a desk or mantlepiece). Technology has not quite advanced that far yet, but our photo frame product pages compensate by providing more information than you would expect in a high street shop, both about the product and the supplier. To avoid confusion we have standardized frame sizes to 6x4” and in some cases 7x5”. Our picture frames come in tasteful packaging, making them ideal gifts.

Most photo frames are exclusive in the UK and in some cases the world. Our focus is on the use of natural materials and designs that reflect the beauty of nature.



Our photo frames combine classic styling with natural patterns and materials. Our Photo Frames are available in 6x4" and 7x5" sizes and come with a unique "One Frame, One Tree" guarantee. Our Photo Frames are suitable for framing photos and other mementoes, as either a stylish addition to your own home or a great gift.

For each photo frame purchased, e-photo-frames will plant a tree to help restore natural forest in areas that have suffered from deforestation. When you buy a photo frame from us, you're making a genuine contribution to forest restoration, in turn helping to offset your own carbon footprint.

Our photo frames are not only great for photographs, they can also be used in all sorts of other innovative ways, all made easier with your digital camera. For example we can print photos and make personalised iPad cases, great as gifts! We have a few suggestions for you below and we would be delighted to hear of your own suggestions
by e-mailing ideas@e-photoframes.co.uk


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