Getting to DIY Picture Frames

When it comes to making the interior of your house look attractive, nothing beats a nice picture on the wall. But you need more than just a nice picture, a good looking picture frame that adds more value to your picture or painting is necessary. It is easy to find a frame in the market, but if you do it yourself it adds a personal touch and you can customise based on your likes. A DIY frame comes handy when you want to frame a picture or a painting that is not of a standard size available in the market.

Most people stick to standard print photo sizes, but if you are the one who loves to break that rules then a ‘do it yourself’ picture frame is what you need to think of. You can save a great deal of money apart from putting your own imagination to the frame. But if you find it hard to buy time to make one then you can buy custom frame online which is still cost efficient alternate to buying expensive frames. You can measure your picture and then upload the measurements on the website to get your frame built to desired size.

But for people who love DIY, as for any DIY furniture project, before you start making your own frame you need to gather the materials and tools required to make one. You will need wooden board, glass the size to fit the frame, glue, nails, corner clamps, hook to hang the frame and few basic tools such as hammer, hand saw, measuring tape, etc. Once you gather everything the first important task is to take the measurement of the picture you want to frame and cut the wood to desired width but give 45 degree angle at either ends to give it perfect square or rectangle while joining.

Once you have frame pieces cut and ready, you can make some improvements by polishing it with wood polish, enamel or paint depending on your likes. If you are good at carving and you have carving tools, you can try your skills with some designs on the frame. Now it is time to join the pieces to make the frame and you need to start gluing the edges. Once you apply glue, leave it to dry for couple minutes and then join the edges and use nails to hammer them together or you can simply use corner clamps to cap and tighten the edges. Now place the glass from behind of frame and then the picture on it. The final step is to place a plane card board over the back side of picture and use the nails and glue to fix the card board. Fix a hook on the back and you are ready to hang it on the wall.